(1) go into your settings, then general, then reset. Delete ‘document and data’ on the iphone by deleting the app, i.e., uninstalling.

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Go to setting, then scroll down to select safari.

How to delete apps data on iphone. How to delete health data for different activities. After that, you will see a new window asking for confirmation. As such, you should only delete apps that you’re unlikely to need data from in the future.

Tap erase all content and settings. Delete an app from app library and home screen: Tap delete app to remove it.

From the iphone storage screen, tap on any app you wish to delete. To clear out those files, do the following: Deleting apps from your iphone will remove the app’s documents and data, so you’ll free up more space, but you’ll also lose the data stored on the app.

To clean safari website data, tap safari > website data > remove all website data. This will clear all the content (your messages, photos and apps) and settings. Open the health app on your iphone.

Click on the “uninstall apps” button to delete all selected apps and their app data at once. Touch and hold the app in app library, tap delete app, then tap delete. For doing this, simply follow the steps:

The deletion by tapping on “delete” or “remove” (whichever appears). Erase and restore your iphone. Click yes to delete apps from your iphone/ipad.

3 steps to clear iphone app data: Download the iphone app data cleaner program on your computer, and launch it after installation. Confirm deletion upon the popup prompt by clicking “ok” this is how to quickly uninstall multiple iphone apps and app data at once.

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Then connect your iphone to computer with a usb cable, and select quick clean mode on the program to clear app data. Then, all of your apps will be displayed on the screen > choose the apps you'd like to delete from your iphone > click the delete button. Tap on settings > general > usage > manage storage > facebook > delete app.

Scroll down and click clear history and website data then click on it. You can also delete apps yourself to free more data. Then the program will show you all the removable file types, including app caches, app cookies, app.

With the browse tab selected, select a category. It is generally recommended that you should clear facebook cache on iphone once in a month, if you use facebook on a regular basis. Now that we’ve gone through a couple different ways of how to clear app data on iphone, you.

You can clear app data and documents and free up storage space on iphone or ipad directly through your iphone’s settings. Then just remove the cache, cookies, junk files produced by apps once and for all. Setting > general > usage > manage storage (storage) > app name.

Go to settings > safari; If you don’t really use. If an app occupies too much data and is prepared to lose its information, you would have to uninstall and reinstall the app.

(see find your apps in app library.) if you change your mind, you can redownload apps you’ve removed. (2) tap erase all content and settings. Apps like safari keep website data and browser history in their documents and data.

This app will list the results for you to remove or delete after scanning. Tap get started, follow the onscreen instructions, then return to settings > general > transfer or reset iphone. If you want a factory restore of your iphone, tap settings > general > reset > erase all content and settings.

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To confirm the removal, tap remove now. To delete apps, press and hold the app you want to delete, then click. Tap on the “x” corresponding to the app that you wish to delete.

A small “x” surrounded by a bubble will appear on the top left corner of some of the apps. If you've already been using your iphone, and for some reason you want to go to the apps & data screen, here is what you do: Click “scan” to find app cache, cookies, junk files and other documents data.

This will also delete all the unnecessary app data, including cache, cookies, and temp files stored on iphone. Remove apps directly from within the iphone Select that app and tap on document and data.

Tap clear history and data; If you’re erasing your iphone because you’re replacing it with a new iphone that you have on hand, you can use extra free storage in icloud to move your apps and data to the new device. In this, you will see all the apps arranged based on the storage they occupy.

From, here you can find and delete app data as required. The process will be complete here. Tap clear history and website data;

Finding large files is the biggest advantage of this iphone cleaner. How to delete documents and data in safari on iphone. This will delete the facebook app from your iphone along with all the cache data.

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