As i got better as a guitarist, i realized that most of those licks work just fine in standard tuning, and with a little practice i can play slide just fine on my regular old. I use dadf#ad on one guitar and i can play chords in that tuning.

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There are several different ways of emulating open tuning in standard tuning.

How to play slide guitar in standard tuning. To achieve accurate intonation (pitch centering, or being in tune) when playing slide, it should be laid across the string(s) directly above the fretwire, not behind (to the left of) it, where you ordinarily would press down a finger against a string when fretting. One can play slide in standard tuning but it's not easy (for me.) some of the string intervals are close or the same. Click the tuning above if you want to jump straight to that section.

7 is a “back and forth slide lick, crucial to this style. Turns out, most of that simply isn’t true. You do not have to, and it is not necessarily the most entertaining, but it may be a great way to start practicing.

And some of my favourite players played slide, from elmore james and muddy waters, to duane allman and bonnie raitt. The easiest and safest way to play slide guitar in standard tuning is by playing melodies on a single string. I have to confess, though, i’ve never mastered bottleneck slide, and i’ve only ever tried it using open tunings.

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The majority of the cats playing standard tuning slide guitar are primarily fretted players doubling on slide. Plus, we'll work on a sweet and soulful slide solo in standard tuning. Jonathan, don’t worry about the tuning, just listen to any kind of slide playing you can find.

You can use standard tuning or you can create any tuning that sounds good to you, apply a slide, and you are ‘in’ slide guitar tuning. Slide guitar can present players with a myriad of reasons not to get started. There are modifications that need to be made to the guitar, string gauges need to be changed and then if that’s not enough, you need to learn.

So there isn’t an official or ‘proper’ tuning to use when playing slide guitar. Warren uses fingers rather than a pick when playing slide, which makes control much. For players that are familiar with basic slide techniques.

When i'm playing melodic stuff and. In this lesson, we’ll cover the main reason why you should learn slide guitar in standard tuning. So what are the best guitar tunings to use when playing the guitar with a slide?

The best slide guitar tunings are: Slide guitar in standard tuning with andy aledort. Most players usually hold the slide parallel to the fret, which is a good general rule of thumb, for achieving accurate.

A brief overview of basic slide playing in standard tuning. Slide guitar is not, at its essence, about which tuning you use. The conventional wisdom for slide playing outside of regular tuning is it’s not the tuning it’s how you connect the notes.

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Plus we’ll cover a slinky slide lick in g to get you started on your way. I had heard about open tunings and dadgad and all these crazy things you had to do to your guitar to use a slide with it. In this lesson, we'll cover a few tips to playing slide guitar in standard tuning.

In this lessson, however, john tuggles demonstrates how to play slide guitar in standard tuning. Many guitarists have shown an interest in learning slide guitar, but have been hesitant to take the plunge.

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